The Cultural Virus Test

CULTURAL VIRUSES: The infectious behaviours that get in the way of great teamwork. Frequently subconscious, they’re hard to spot and even harder to talk about; but their impact is huge.

The cure? Change begins with awareness.

In this free test, you’ll discover 35 common Cultural Viruses and which ones exist in your team. You’ll need:


10 minutes


Internet access


Absolute honesty

General Questions on the Cultural Virus Test

How can the Cultural Virus Test help my team?

No team culture is perfect. However, counterproductive behaviours can be hard to spot and even harder to bring up in conversation. The Cultural Virus Test helps you to discover behaviours that might be holding you back and gives you the language to start to address the issue. Because improvement begins with awareness.

What can I do after taking the Cultural Virus Test?

Share it with your team! The Cultural Virus Test can be an excellent prompt for reflection, and the more aware your colleagues are about Cultural Viruses, the better able you’ll be to address them as a team, improving wellbeing and collaboration.

If there is a particular challenge you’d like to address, we also provide coaching, advisory, and facilitation on everything team culture. Let us know what’s on your mind, and we’ll be happy to help. You can contact us by emailing us at

Finally, by sharing the Cultural Virus Test far and wide, you’ll help us create a more robust Benchmark Report, which we’ll send you too. This helps us draw attention to the topic, making it easier for everyone to have more honest conversations about team culture.

How does the Cultural Virus Test work?

The Test is designed as a self-assessment, meaning that your answers are based on your own perceptions. This approach enables you to learn and become better at recognising Cultural Viruses in your team and other settings. It’s about empowering you and helping you grow.

However, if what you’re after is an objective assessment of your team’s culture or leadership abilities, then the methods need to be slightly different. Please contact us at and we’ll be happy to help.

Will anyone be able to see the results for my Cultural Virus Test?

We value your privacy and understand this is sensitive data. For that reason, we don’t collect any personal or company information other than your email (and even this is optional).

If you request it, we’ll email you a copy of your answers and/or a personalised report with actionable insights. Otherwise, no one will view your personal answers.

When it comes to compiling our Benchmark Reports, your personal details will be eliminated and the remaining data will only be shown in aggregate with that of other users, thus making it impossible to link it with your identity or your company.